Thursday, March 4, 2010

Honored to Receive a Sunshine Award

Rachie from sent me this award.  She is so sweet.  I just have to say I am so blessed to have joined this scrapbooking/crafting world and have met thie most amazing WOMEN & MEN.  I thank my MIL Judie for that. Let me say that I am thoroughly honored to receive this award!  Thanks Rachie, you made my week!!! When you have a chance, check out her blog also, she does great work!

Ok-I also received this award from my dear friend-Sandy (love her) check out her blog also.

I have picked 6 amazing people you need to meet:  (Funny thing-I meet Bona in M's)
and I had to add one more my BFF

Check them out....


  1. HI Wendy!

    How are you? I haven't seen in at Michaels in awhile. heehee Thank you SO much for the award. These means a lot. Love your blog.

  2. You are so sweet! I LOVE your blog! Looks like the swarm was so much fun! Hopefully I am faster next time and can get you my money on time! THANKS for the award!

  3. Hello Bling Queen~ I just found your blog & it is so nice.
    I really love your layout. It came out gorgeous. Our local craft stores do not have the mother cartridge out so I will have to wait or buy it online.
    Your other projects are terrific too.
    HOpe you can follow my blog at :
    All the best,