Monday, January 31, 2011

CHA - UStream with Pink Stamper Tonight!

Hey, My Pink Stamper is doing a UStream live broadcast tonight, and Wendy and I (Monique) will be there with her.  Be sure to tune in HERE tonight at 8pm Pacific time.  Jinger Adams will be there too, and there will be prizes, so don't miss it!  Here's us with Robyn & Tammy's gang at LA Live after the Provo Craft Gala the other night....


  1. So excited for all you girls right now !!!! I love all the update post with the fun from the events and your time together, really looking forward to the Pink Pj party tonight have fun :)

  2. By the looks of it you guys are having fun. Should be a real blast tonight on Ustream. I hope I can make it.
    Melissa D

  3. Looks like you ladies had a GREAT time!