Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How about a few pictures?

The first one is of "Team Monique" on September 26 doing the 5k in San Francisco.

This pic is with some of my peeps at the Swarm "Crop for the Cure" on Saturday, October 2nd.  This is just one room shot with approx 138 women.

First with my HERO... My bestie Monique
Below is Monique's Besties-Myself, Stephanie & Monique

I have some projects I am posting later today


  1. Great pics Wendy! Thanks so much for sharing these!!


  2. Monique and Wendy,

    I was just amazed when I saw your recent kits in person, photos are in no way even close to showing the beauty and work going in to the kits. I have Catch a Wave and Me and Mom to work on..... previously I only have done the exploding box.... The colors and inking of your work is just awesome. I even want the MINNIE book, but don't have that cartridge.....yet.:) Loved meeting you at the crop for the cure. I have already done my layouts from the great weekend. check it out on my blog. can't wait until the next swarm.


    Maureen Sala

  3. Great pics!! Its amazing to see all that support in one place...good for you gals1